Frequently Asked Questions

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About ContactMyDoc

What is is a online marketplace where participating imaging facilities offer their services to the patients. The patients can compare cost, quality across imaging facilities and reserve an appointment online.
There is no credit card or upfront payment required.

Is a healthcare provider?

No. is not a healthcare provider. It is an online marketplace that helps patients choose a Imaging Facility for their radiology needs. For your healthcare questions or concerns, always refer to your healthcare provider.

Can I use for all modalities – MRI, CT Scans, Xray, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine?

Yes. The marketplace supports all radiology modalities offered at the Imaging facilities. We are in the initial rollout and based on the participating providers in a certain geographical area, some modalities may not yet be available. We continue to add Imaging facilities to our network on a regular basis.

Is available in my area? If not, when will it be?

We are very excited to launch our service in Greater Orlando area in Florida. Over the next few months, we are working hard to expand our service to other regions. Please follow us on Facebook or contact us to share your thoughts.

Is completely free for patients?

Yes. Completely Free.

How much does my visit cost?

When you are a self-paying patient, you pay the discounted prices listed for each facility to the Imaging Facility. We don't require any upfront payment or credit card. You only pay the selected Imaging facility using Cash, Credit / Debit Card, HSA Card or a Payment plan between you and facility. If you have Insurance, you will pay any deductible and co-pay based on the negotiated price with the insurance company and the facility you select. Remember that Insurance Negotiated Prices, thereby your out of pocket expense, can vary considerably based on where you go

What if I have Insurance?

If you have Insurance, you will pay any deductible and co-pay based on the negotiated price with the insurance company and the facility you select. Remember that Insurance Negotiated Prices, thereby your out of pocket expense, can vary considerably based on where you go

How does make money?

We are helping Healthcare system be more efficient by filling the open slots at the Imaging Facilities. Imaging Facilities compete to offer services to patients and participate at to share why patients should choose their facility. Imaging Facilities compete on prices, quality and convenience - distance, appoinment availability and pay a monthly fee to

Is available in other languages?

We will be available in Spanish language soon.

Making an Appointment Using ContactMyDoc

How do I make an appointment?

Select the procedure that your doctor prescribed and enter the zip code or City/State where you would like to get the scan done. You choose whether you are a Cash / Self-Pay or Insurance patient and select a Imaging facility based on cost, services provided, and convenience. Select the time and date of the service and reserve your appointment.

How do I know which Imaging Facility to choose?

We help you compare Imaging facilities based on cost, services provided, and convenience - distance and availability of appointments. You select the Imaging facility that meets your needs.

What insurance plan do I have?

Please look at your Insurance card provided to you by the insurance company. The imaging facility will ask you for this information when they call you to confirm the appointment.

How do I know if a Imaging Facility participates in my insurance?

Imaging Facilities provides a list of Insurance companies they support on Imaging Facility will ask for the specific Insurance Plan informatio when they call to confirm the appointment.

How do I know that my appointment has really been booked?

At, you reserve the appointment online based on the available slots at the selected Imaging facility. The Imaging facility will call you to confirm the details of the procedure requested, specific payment details including insurance plan, and related clinical questions - if any and will confirm the appointment. At that time, booking is confirmed.

What if my appointment is cancelled or rescheduled by the Imaging Facility's office?

The Imaging Facility and do our best to honor the time and date of the appointment you reserved and Imaging facility will call you to confirm the time of the reserved appointment. Even then, there is a possibility of a reschedule or cancellation because of unforseen circumstances including but not limited to emergencies, equipment availability or radiologist availability. In that case, Imaging facility will call you to create alternate arrangements convenient to you.

Why do I need a referral for going to Imaging Facility?

Imaging Scans are done based on clinical diagnosis as determined by your referring physician. A referral is thereby needed to provide the correct imaging scans.

Can I call to book my appointments over the phone?

Currently, we support booking the appointments online at If you have questions, please chat with us and our customer service representatives will help you with your questions.

Where can I find the Imaging Facility phone number?

To maintain customer service goals, We expect Imaging Facilities to call you within 2 hours of your reservation when appointment is booked before 3 p.m. local time zone and by 10 a.m. next business day when reservation is made after 3 p.m. local time zone.

My Account

How do I sign in?

Please enter your email and password to sign in to your account. If you have not setup an account, please sign up with your email address, phone number and a password you can remember.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Please call the Imaging facility directly if you need to cancel or re-schedule the appointment.

I forgot my password – how can I reset it?

Please click Forgot Password link as a part of Login to send an email to your account. You can click on that Reset password link in your email to reset your password.

How do I see my past appointments at various Imaging Facilities?

Once you log in to your account, you can click Manage Account and see all your current and past appointment details with the Imaging Facilities.

Can I trust with my information?

We at take privacy and security very seriously. All our communication is secured using SSL and all customer data is encryped to ensure privacy and security of your information.